Business case
Netgenetic is working in the telecom industry and internet, our team coming from a decade of experience in this field and provide to our client a lot of ready to go solutions for business develope.

Mobile market

We provide vas on mobile market, premium sms and premium wap in various countries that allow you to bill directly your clients on they're mobile phones even we can develope mobile campaign in various countries.


Delivering and managing sms and mms are never been that easy, we're interconnected with more than 40 operators, we deliver the worlds around the world everyware. P2P or bulk , http and smpp and even retail traffic with our web platform that is available in white label mode for let you develope your own brand, white label is ready to go with integrated payment module.

Wholesale traffic

We deliver and terminate worldwide voip traffic with our advanced platform, we're interconnected to all the major carrier, this guarrantie quality and low prices.


International termination

Looking for internationale termination point? We have wild ranges of codes that coverting minutes in money, quick and on time payment are the ID card of our company.


Promoting and reaching the goal with your internet websites never been that easy, our expertise made in years of premium campaign is at your disposal for let you have a web experience as never before.